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kevin - 23 Dec 2019


Charles - 27 Nov 2019


Shirone - 27 Nov 2019

Unique Spice never falls short of perfect! Great food and Great service as allways!

Alex - 19 Nov 2019


Shirone - 16 Nov 2019


Melissa - 09 Nov 2019


Lucy marie - 22 Oct 2019


Adam - 28 Sep 2019

Absolutely fantastic

Leanne - 22 Sep 2019

Great food. Got to be quicker then I thought.

Lucy marie - 15 Sep 2019

Great food.

Lucy marie - 14 Sep 2019

My meal from unique spice this time was perfect. The dishes we're exactly as we had expected and the delivery time was very reasonable. If you like spice and haven't tried the naga dish, I'd highly recommend trying it.

Stuart - 08 Sep 2019

Very Good

helen - 05 Sep 2019

This was our first time ordering from Unique Spice. We were not disappointed it was a great meal with loads of flavour and delivered within the specified time. We will be ordering again.

Jon - 04 Sep 2019

Disgusting. Greasy, watery and no flavour. The pasanda was chicken and onion in a watery sauce topped with an inch of fat, the tikka masala was slightly thicker sauce. The sides were bathed in fat. Possibly the worst meal we have ever had

Phillip - 13 Aug 2019


Rebecca - 12 Aug 2019

Having eating from this restaurant many times before, I was very disappointed with the quality of the last meal we ordered. The masala sauce lacked in spice even though we ordered it in madras hot, the curry also had very little chicken it might as well have been a vegetable curry! We usually love this place and the curries but last time the sauce was the equivalent of water having no sauce-like texture. We hope this will not be our last meal as the restaurant is very nice.(date ordered 27/07)

Stuart - 10 Aug 2019

Not sure if I tapped the wrong thing (probably) but wanted aubergine bhaji got an Okra bhaji ☹️ Apart from what was probably my mistake, delicious!

Selina - 10 Aug 2019


jason - 09 Aug 2019


Josh - 09 Jul 2019

Always great and great customer service could never fault them

Josh - 09 Jul 2019


Molly - 04 Jul 2019

Brilliant every time

Molly - 04 Jul 2019

Tandoori mixed grill is getting smaller , for the price , it should be more meat , not just cheap offcuts of chicken with the majority of it bone , and probably just two small pieces of lamb , it’s a shame when takeaways start to reduce quality and quan t I t y after they have been excellent previously and value for money , it’s a false economy!!!

Stephen - 30 Apr 2019

As always “- great!!

Leanne - 28 Apr 2019

Welcome back.