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Special Offers

Between Us  

Every day of the week
Any medium pizzas, + 1.5L drink + any two sides
Any large pizza + 1.5L drink + any two sides

Two For 10  
£ 10.00 Closed


Southern Fried Chicken Goujons  


All our pizzas are freshly made every day, small(09 inch), medium(12 inch) OR large(14 inch)
Extra toppings & stuffed crust available
All our pizzas are served with cheese on a tomato base

Cheese Tomato Pizza  

Create it as you like it by adding any combination of extra toppings

Pepperoni Pizza  

Pepperoni, cheese & tomato

Vegetarian Pizza  

Mushrooms, peppers, onions, sweetcorn & fresh tomatoes

Volcano Pizza  

Beef, onions, tomatoes & jalapeno

Norwich Pizza  

Ham, chicken, mushrooms, & pineapple

Rainbow Pizza  

Ham, sausage & bacon

Farm House Pizza  

Ham, peppers, mushrooms & onions

Vesuvio Pizza  

Mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, jalapeno, pepperoni & chilli sauce

Hawaiian Pizza  

Double ham & double pineapple

Barbecue Job Pizza  

Beef, pepperoni, peppers, spring onions & barbecue sauce

Seafood Pizza  

Prawns, tuna, anchovies & onions

Meaty Job Pizza  

Ham, beef, chicken, pepperoni & bacon

Italian Job Pizza  

Double pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers & bacon

Bodrum Pizza  

Turkish salsa sauce, with cheese, donner kebab meat, red onions, tomatoes & jalapenos

Shanghai Pizza  

Cheese & tomato base, shredded duck breast, hoisin sauce, spring onions & sweetcorn

Olympia Pizza  

Valerio pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, red onions & bacon

Tikka Masala Pizza  

Chicken tikka, sweetcorn, jalapenos, masala sauce & red onions

Martines Samali Pizza  

Cheese & tomato, chorizo sausage, green peppers, onions & broccoli

Fab Four Pizza  

Valerio pepperoni, chorizo sausage, pulled pork & ham

House Specials

Homemade Burgers

100% Rump steak beef burger lightly seasoned cooked to your liking. Unless stated cooked pink medium. Add as you like - free, tomato ketchup, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, garlic mayo, Mexican salsa, burger sauce, caramelised onions, jalapenos & hot sauce
Meal deal with onion rings, chips, potato wedges or spicy potato wedges for £2 extra

Plain & Simple Burger  

Burger Monterey Jack cheese

Classico Burger  

Burger lettuce, tomato, red onions Monterey Jack cheese & choice of sauce

Classico Feta Burger  

Our classic burger with melted feta cheese

Classico Halloumi Burger  

Our classic burger with grilled halloumi slices & extra fresh tomato

Classico Bacon Burger  

Our classic burger with two slice of crispy bacon

Classico Mexican Burger  

Classic burger with Mexican salsa sauce & jalapeno peppers

Classico Texas Burger  

Classic burger topped with chicken fillet burger with extra cheese, BBQ sauce & mayonnaise

Classico Pulled Pork Burger  

Our classic burger with pulled pork & BBQ sauce


All Time Favourites

Add bacon to your burger for £1.50


All pasta dishes are served with garlic bread


All served with cheese, onion rings & cheesy chips

Parmigiana Di Pollo

Succulent chicken breast, lightly seasoned then coated in golden breadcrumbs, pan fried first then baked in the oven in your choice of sauce ideally tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella & parmigiano cheese... served on its own with salad or as a meal deal with onion rings (chips, potato wedges or baked potato) Bon appetit

Margherita Parmigiana  

Baked in tomato sauce, topped with bechamel & pesto

BBQ Parmigiana  

Baked in BBQ sauce with valerio pepperoni, mushrooms & bacon

Baked Potatoes

All served with salad
Add cheese for 95p

Side Dishes

Box Meals


Ben & Jerrys (500ml)  



Diet Pepsi  



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