All pizza's made from 100% fresh dough & served on a mozarella & tomato base


Tomato & Mozzarella Cheese

Tuna & Sweetcorn  

Ham & Mushroom  

Ham & Mushroom


Ham & Pineapple

BBQ Hawaiian  

BBQ  Base, Ham, Pineapple, Double Pepperoni

Free Choice  

Any four toppings of your choice


Mushroom, Onion, Fresh Tomatoes, Peppers, Sweetcorn, Olives

Vegetarian Hot  

Mushroom, Onion, Fresh Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Jalapeno, Sweetcorn

Spicy Chicken  

Chicken, Pepperoni, Jalapeno Peppers

Spicy Hot  

Spciy Beef, Chili Sauce, Onion, Jalapeno Peppers

Tandoori Special  

Tandoori Chicken, Jalapeno Peppers, Mushroom, Sweetcorn

Pepperoni Plus  

Pepperoni, Onion, Mushroom

Oriental Chinese  

Chicken Chicken, Mushroom, Ham, Sweetcorn

BBQ Special  

Chicken, Green Peppers, BBQ Sauce, Onion, Mushroom

American Burnout  

Beef, Jalapeno, Pepperoni, Mushroom

Favourite Special  

Chicken, Pepperoni, Green Peppers, Onion, Mushroom

Garlic Special  

Mushroom, Onion, Fresh Garlic

Classic Special  

Ham, Fresh Tomato, Mushroom

Chicken & Mushroom  

Chicken & Mushroom

Chicken & Sweetcorn  

Chicken & Sweetcorn


Tuna, Prawn, Anchovies

Meat Special  

Ham, Spicy Beef, Chicken, Pepperoni

Favourite House Special  

Flaked Chicken, Onion, Peppers, Onion, Olives

BBQ Chicken  

Chicken, Mushroom, BBQ Sauce

BBQ Meat Feast  

Beef, Ham, Double Pepperoni

Double Pepperoni  

Double Pepperoni


Ham Pepperoni, Onion

Chicken Supreme  

Chicken, Ham, Pineapple

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread  

(pizza base)

Garlic Bread With Cheese  

(pizza base)

Garlic Bread With Mushroom & Cheese  

(pizza base)

Fried Chicken

DFC Fried Chicken

1pc Fried Chicken  

2pcs Fried Chicken  

3pcs Fried Chicken  

4pcs Fried Chicken  

5pcs Fried Chicken  

Hot Wings

DFC Hot Wings

3pcs Hot Wings  

4pcs Hot Wings  

8pcs Hot Wings  

10pcs Hot Wings  


DFC Wraps

Served with salad & sauce

Chicken Fillet Wrap  

Spicy Chicken Fillet Wrap  

Donner Wrap  


Chicken Nuggets

DFC Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets  

Chicken Nuggets & Chips  


DFC Burgers

Served with salad & sauce

Quarter Pounder Burger  

Half Pounder Burger  

Triple Burger  

Chilli Burger  

Hawaiian Burger  

Doner & Salad Burger  

Extra Cheese  

Chicken Fillet Burger  

Double Chicken Fillet Burger  

Spicy Chicken Fillet Burger  


Portion of Chips  

Scampi & Chips  

Chips & Cheese  


Onion Rings (5 or 10)  


Fresh Salad  

Pot of Beans  



Chilli Sauce  

Garlic Sauce  

BBQ Sauce  

Childrens Menu

All meals come with chips & drink

Meal Deals

You can change from chips to wedges

Get 3 Chicken Wings with any meal deal for only £1.50

Chicken Fillet Wrap  

Chips and a Drink

3 Pieces of Chicken  

Chips and a Drink

4 Hot Wings  

Chips and a Drink

8 Hot Wings  

Chips and a Drink

New Boneless Chicken

1 Pc Extra Large Boneless Chicken  

2pc Extra Large Boneless Chicken  

4 Pc Extra Large Boneless Chicken  

15 Pc Popcorn Chicken  

6 Pc Chicken Strips  



Coca Cola  


Tango Orange  

7 Up  

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