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Rings-end, Wimblington, Doddington £10 Minimum Order + 30-45 minutes delivery time
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Benwick and Manea £17 Minimum Order + £2 Delivery Charge
Outwell, Upwell, Elm, Wisbech £30 Minimum Order + £3 Delivery Charge + 55 Minute Delivery Time

Please Note: Some of our food may contain ingredients which are unsuitable for those who suffer from allergies. Please ask us before ordering to ensure your food is suitable

Please note: Any special offers and discounts can't be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Special Offers

 We do not offer any discount on Special Offers 

Munch Box  

Slices chicken tikka, donner meat, chicken shish & chips

Spicy Munch Box  

Spicy donner meat, chicken tikka, chicken shish, onion, seekh kabab, bullet chilli, chips & naan bread

Grilled BBQ Chicken  

Double Decker Kebab Roll  

2 seekh kebab, donner meat fresh crispy, salad, sauce of your choice

Special Mixed Kebab Roll  

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, seekh kebab, chicken kebab, donner meat



Lamb or Veg. Samosa


Chicken or Lamb Tikka

Tandoori Dishes

All served with green salad & mint sauce

Tikka Main  


Chicken or Lamb Shashlick

Chicken or Lamb marinated in
exotic spices barbecued with onions,
tomatoes and capsicum, served with green
salad, mint sauce & nan bread

Balti Dishes

Balti cooking is the latest trend in Indian takeaways & originated in Pakistan


Balti Chicken or Lamb

Balti Tikka  

Balti Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka

Jalfrezi Dishes

Cooked with fresh green chillies

Tikka Jalfrezi  

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi


Chicken or Lamb Jalfrezi

Chicken or Lamb Dish



Ceylon fairly hot with coconut  

Malayan with pineapple mild  

Dupiaza with fried onions  

Kashmir with fruit  


Rogan Josh  


Persian Dishes

Try these dishes, something a little different-sweet, sour & hot. Served with free pilau rice.



Biryani Dishes

Biryanis are mixed with pilau rice & garnished with peas. Served with either mild, medium OR hot vegetable curry


Chicken or Lamb & Mushroom Biryani  

Seafood Dishes

Please ask for mild, medium, madras OR vindaloo strength

Tikka Dishes

Please ask for mild, medium, madras OR vindaloo strength

Chicken Tikka  

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Madras, Vindaloo, Phall

Tikka Korma  

Tikka Curry  

Tikka Gosth Herb & Spices  

Tikka Ceylon  

Fairly hot with coconut

Tikka Malayan  

Cooked with pineapple, mild

Tikka Kashmir with fruit  

Tikka Sag  

Vegetarian Dishes

All large dishes

Rice Dishes

All large dishes

Keema Peas Rice  


Chefs Specialities

Tikka Masala  

Grilled chicken or lamb cooked in special
sauce with cream.


Spring chicken or lamb barbecued, mixed
with butter and mild sauce.


Barbecued chicken or lamb marinated in delicate spices, cooked with cream and almonds.

Special Krahi  

Pieces of Lamb or Chicken cooked in a special sauce, capsicum and tomatoes served in a skoul.


Spring chicken or lamb cooked in exotic and medium spices to form a rich and very special sauce.

Tikka Biriany  

Grilled chicken or lamb cooked with pilau rice & spices served with a vegetable curry.

Tikka Bhuna  

Boneless chicken or lamb cooked in a special medium sauce.

Tikka Rogan  

Chicken or Lamb cooked with tomato and
spices, medium sauce.

Tikka Dupiaza  

Chicken or Lamb cooked with onions and spices, medium hot.

Garlic Tikka  

Garlic Chicken or Lamb Tikka Boneless chicken cooked in special garlic dressing.


Chips & Curry Sauce  


Served with salad & sauce



Half Burger  

Half Cheese Burger  

Chilli Hut Cheese Melt  

Half Chilli Hut Cheese Melt  

with mozzarella and donner meat

Chicken Fillet Burger  

Chicken Sizzler Burger  

Half Chicken Fillet Burger  

Hawaiian Burger  

with pineapple

Omelette burger  

served with ham and egg

Tower Burger  

Beef burger & hash brown

Special Burger  

Beef burger, chicken tikka & mozzarella

March Burger  

Chicken fillet, hash brown, slice cheese

King Kong Burger  

Half beef burger, hash brown, donner meat

Super King Burger  

Lamb burger, mozzarella cheese, donner meat, fried onions, chilli sauce

Donner Bun  

Mega Burger  

Beef burger, cheese, chicken tikka, fried onions, chilli sauce

Chicken Tikka Bun  

Chicken Nuggets  

Fish Burger  

Veggie Burger  



Donner and Chips  

Donner Garlic  

Donner Cheese  

Donner Box  

Donner & Chips  

Donner Chips & Cheese  

Grilled Donner  

Donner Meat, Fried Onions, Green Peppers, Chilli Sauce.


Served with salad & sauce

Chicken Shish in Pitta  

Donner Pitta  


Nan Sandwiches

Nan Sandwich  

Chilli Nan Sandwich  

Spiral Nan Roll  

Chip Nan Roll  

Chip Nan and Cheese Roll  

Salad Nan Roll  


English Dishes

Garlic Bread

Kids Meals


We use turkey meat for our ham and pepperoni

Kashmiri Pizza  

Meat Mince, Chicken Tikka, Red Onion, Sweetcorn, Green Peppers, Buld Chilli

Margherita Pizza  

Mozzarella & tomato

Chilli Hut Special Pizza  

Green chilli, green pepper, sweetcorn, chicken tikka, lamb & onions

Hawaiian Pizza  

Mozzarella ham & pineapple

Bushra Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, chicken, mushrooms & onions

Vegetarian Pizza  

Tomato, red onion, mushrooms, green peppers & sweetcorn

Tandoori Mix Pizza  

Chicken tikka, lamb, red onions & donner

Seafood Supreme Pizza  

Tuna, Anchovies, Prawns and Tomato

Calzone Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, ham, salami & mushrooms

Americano Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, salami, ham, red onions & sweetcorn

Milanese Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, mushroom & ham

Roma Pizza  

Mushrooms, onions & ham

Spicy Chicken Pizza  

Spicy chicken, mushrooms, sweetcorn & onions

Chicken Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, spicy chicken, mushrooms & sweetcorn

Kebab Pizza  

Cheese, tomato & kebab meat & onions

March Special Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, spicy chicken, lamb, mushrooms, green chillies & onions

Hot N Spicy Pizza  

Green chillies, green peppers, beef, mushrooms, tomato & spicy chicken

Pepperoni Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, double pepperoni & extra cheese

Hasina Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, chicken tikka, ham & pineapple

Cheese Feast Pizza  

Double mozzarella, tomato, onion & pepperoni

Meat Feast Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, donner, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, ham & pepperoni

Mediterranean Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, olives, green peppers, chilli, onion & sliced tomato

Kids Delight Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, ham & beans

BBQ Chicken Pizza  

Cheese, BBQ sauce, BBQ chicken, onion, sweetcorn

Bolognese Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, minced meat, mushroom, sweetcorn, red onion & bolognese sauce

Chicken Donner Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, chicken donner, green pepper & onions

New Younas Pizza  

Chilli & tomato sauce base, chicken tikka, red onion, mince meat, lamb donner, sweetcorn, green pepper & bullet chilli

Pizza Meal Deals



Chips and Cheese  


Spiral and Cheese  

Potato Wedges  

Hash Browns 5  

Onion Rings 10pc  

Cheese Sticks 6 Pc  



Garlic Mushrooms  

Chicken Wrap  

Chicken Tikka Wrap  

Donner Meat Wrap  

Chicken Strips 6 and Chips  

Popcorn Chicken & Chips  

Chicken Nuggets  

Jalapeno Peppers (6)  

Meatballs with Cheese  

South Fried Chicken

Chicken and Chips