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Special Offers


All our pizzas are made on the premises using fresh dough & a cheese & tomato base.
9" serves one
12" serves two
Extra toppings are available


Cheese & tomato


Meatballs, fresh tomatoes & onions

Spicy Kabano  

Spicy pepperoni, jalapeños & onions


Ham & pineapple

Ham and Mushroom  

Ham & mushrooms

Donner Pizza  

Donner meat, onions, mushrooms & sliced tomatoes


Spicy pepperoni, onion & jalapeno peppers

BBQ Pizza  

Chicken & onions


Spicy pepperoni, jalapeños & onions


Mushrooms, onion, sweetcorn & green peppers

Hot Tuna  

Pizza sauce, tuna, green peppers, mushrooms & onions

Indian Chicken  

Chicken tikka, mushrooms & onions


Prawns, tuna, mushrooms & black olives


Chicken, sweetcorn & mushrooms

Meat Special  

Pepperoni, ham, spicy beef & chicken

Pepperoni Plus  

Double pepperoni & mushrooms

Royal Special  

Any 4 toppings of your choice

Pizza Plack  

Onions, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes & spinach

Khans Special  

Any 6 toppings of your choice

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread  

Pizza base

Garlic Bread with Cheese  

Garlic Bread with Cheese & 1 Topping  


All our kebabs are served with salad on your choice of naan or pitta bread & a choice of sauce

Donner Kebab  

Fresh lamb, specially seasoned & grilled on an upright & then carved

Chicken Kebab  

Tender breast of chicken marinated in special sauce & grilled

Special Chicken Kebab  

As chicken kebab with the addition of grilled peppers, onions, pitta bread & fresh salad

Shish Kebab  

Fillet of fresh marinated & barbecued on a flame grill

Special Shish Kebab  

As shish kebab with the addition of grilled peppers, onion, pitta bread & fresh salad

Kofte Kebab  

Combination Kebabs

Served with salad & sauce
A choice of naan or pitta bread


Served with salad & sauce

Quarter Pounder Burger  

Half Pounder Burger  

Super Burger  

With 3 pieces burger

Chicken Burger  

Vegetarian Burger  


Served with salad & sauce

Special Chicken



Chips and Cheese  

Pot of Sauce  

Jacket Potatoes

All our jacket potatoes are served with butter & bread. Extra toppings are available

Kids Meal




Diet Coke  

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