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Tandoori Dishes

Chefs Recommendation

Eddo (Muki)  

Bangladeshi Eddo vegetable, this unique vegetable grows the same as potato, it has a very smooth texture, cooking slowly to keep the smoothness using the best selected pieces in medium sauce


Chicken or mutton dish medium hot dish, cooked with potato, mushroom, peppers and coriander to our chefs own speciality

Hash E  

Chicken OR lamb pieces with fried onions, peppers and green chillies, fairly hot & dry


A hot dish, sweet and mint sauce, various herbs and spice

Peshwari Dishes

Specialities from Peshawar
Chicken, lamb or king prawns cooked in a charcoal clay oven with a tandoori sauce, tomatoes & green peppers. Served in the traditional iron karahi


Karahi Dishes

Speciality from Khyber pass karahi
Diced chicken, meat or king prawns grilled with spices, chopped tomatoes & green peppers, served in the traditional iron karahi


Jom Jom Dishes

Diced onion & green peppers with medium spicy sauce, served sizzling

Jom Jom  

Balti Dishes

A highly spiced, medium hot dish cooked with fresh onions, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, fresh herbs & spices, generously garnished with coriander, served with naan


Masala Dishes

Traditional Curries


Another most popular dish of South Indian origin. A rich, fairly hot taste. Extensively prepared with garlic, chilli & tomato puree



South Indian dish widely known for its fiery, fabulously rich, hot taste. Black pepper, lemon, ginger & red chilli are a few of the ingredients added to qualify this dish as the most extravagantly hot. Only suitable for people with a strong constitution


Most suitable for beginners. A delicate preparation of yoghurt, cream & spices, producing a very mild but rich, creamy texture. A flavour palatable to every kind of constitution


With pineapple and cream


A garnished dish with onion, garlic, tomato & a few selected spices. Extensively treated to provide a dish of medium strength. A little condensed, but one for the most tasteful dishes

Rogan Josh  

A special preparation with garlic, garnished with tomato. A little dry


A maximum quantity of onion, seasoned & fresh, applied with dozens of spices to produce a taste that is medium. A suitable dish for one who prefers a medium taste


A beautiful combination of spices with lentils, garlic, lemon & sugar, producing a hot, sweet & sour taste


In which garlic, onion, tomato puree, red chilli, black pepper, sugar & lemon are extensively used. A hot, sweet & sour taste

Specials Dishes


Lamb OR chicken in a mildly creamy sauce with almonds and nuts


A medium dish cooked with fresh onions, green peppers, coriander in a thick creamy sauce


Medium hot, cooked with cucumber and spices


Medium hot, cooked with shatkora and special spice

King Prawn Dishes

Roshni Dishes

A medium dish cooked with fresh sliced garlic, green peppers, tomatoes, coriander, spices & herbs


Roshun (Garlic). A medium dish cooked with fresh sliced garlic, green peppers, tomatoes, coriander, spices and herbs

Jalfrezi Dishes

Cooked in spices & flavoured with fresh chilli, coriander, tomato & green pepper


Buhari Dishes

These are award winning dishes. Another most popular dish of Bangladesh, cooked in spices & flavoured with onions, fresh chilli, coriander, tomato & green peppers with sauce. Fairly hot


Buhari. These are award winning dishes. Fairly hot dishes, another most popular dish of Bangladesh cooked in spices and flavoured with onions, fresh chillies, coriander, tomatoes and green peppers with sauce

Chilli Dishes

These are extra hot, cooked with spices & green chilli in a thick gravy

Chilli Masala  

Chilli Masala. These are extra hot, cooked with spices and green chillies in a thick gravy

Multan Dishes

These are fairly hot, cooked with mushrooms & spices


Multan. These are fairly hot, cooked with mushrooms and spices

Saag Dishes

Medium curry cooked with spinach & mild, freshly ground spices

Biryani Dishes

Chicken, prawns, meat or king prawns cooked together with basmati rice & served with a separate half portion of vegetables

Vegetable sides

These are side dishes. Medium hot, cooked with fresh spices

English Dishes





Chutney and Pickles  


Set Meals



Diet Coca-Cola  


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