30 reviews of Mega Munch

Not as good as our previous order, batter thick & soggy ????

Frances - 02 Apr 2020

Lovely and hot and cooked spot on

Frances - 02 Apr 2020

Spot on

Frances - 02 Apr 2020

Service was great, arrived earlier than expected. Chips and pizza was fine. Unfortunalty the kebab meat was like leather in taste and look so will give that a miss next time

Joshua - 20 Mar 2020

The lasagna was tasteless and not fully cooked, I want my Money back

Glory - 11 Dec 2019

Burger was excellent, mixed kebab was nice just could be a bit of a big portion for a mixed kebab & the chocken was a little bland

Chris - 23 Nov 2019

Exactly what you expect. Takeaway quality pizza at takeaway prices.

Christopher - 21 Nov 2019

Although the food was amazing as usual I didn't quite Get what I ordered. With my wrap I ordered cheese for an extra 80p with bbq sauce but the wrap had no cheese at all and garlic mayo sauce. The wrap was lovely but I paid for extra that I didn't get

Heidi - 11 Sep 2019

Impeccable delivery( they arrived before the time given), very tasteful food: calzone and chips perfect done.

Daniel - 22 Aug 2019

Very tasty,arrived quickly. Thank you.

Daniel - 15 Aug 2019

Great food, great service

Andrew - 01 Aug 2019


Ben - 29 Jun 2019

Very Good

Ben - 29 Jun 2019

The food was great and will order again, just need to get the delivery time better but overall great food and good service

Andrew - 13 Jun 2019

The meal was good except the lasagna was a bit burnt

Andrew - 12 Jun 2019

Got order it was wrong food and cold try to call them and they don’t answer paid nearly 15.00 for rubbish only good thing was the driver very polite

Catherine - 09 Jun 2019


Heidi - 04 May 2019


Heidi - 04 May 2019


Roberta - 08 Apr 2019

My meal was really late and you sent me hot and spicy wrongs instead of bbq which I do not like

Heidi - 02 Apr 2019


Ellie - 20 Feb 2019

Nice 10/10

roger - 05 Feb 2019

Food is great tasting and portions are huge for value

Olivia - 26 Jan 2019


Ellie - 13 Nov 2018


Matthew - 24 Sep 2018

Welcome back.