316 reviews of IJP Restaurant

Excellent value for money tasty and so filling what more could u ask for

ASHLEY - 15 Jun 2021


Jessica - 13 Jun 2021

Delicious food 😋 Friendly service

Julie - 11 Jun 2021

Been using IJP for years, not often but, every time we have an IJP pizza 5 stars every time

Andrew - 11 Jun 2021

Absolutely lovely!! Can’t fault it.

Hazel - 04 Jun 2021

Sorry to say this was not great, but probably not the restaurants fault. The pizzas arrived in a right mess, all mushed up and stuck together, we salvaged what we could and managed to make a meal out of it but for £30 I’m not impressed. Shame on the delivery guy. As the food tasted good as always. I have always given 5 star reviews but on this occasion it was a complete waste of £30 I had to cook some chips to fill the meal out which completely defeats the object of having a take away.

Terrie - 01 Jun 2021


Danny - 26 May 2021


Taylor - 24 May 2021


Taylor - 24 May 2021


Taylor - 24 May 2021

As always good value and quality. Delivered in good time with a smile!

David - 22 May 2021

Very Good

Cassie - 21 May 2021

Lovely food as always. Delivered on time, hot and fresh.

David - 20 May 2021


Hollie - 19 May 2021


Hollie - 19 May 2021

Great delivery today

Andrew - 18 May 2021

very pleased and will being ordering again .

Christine - 07 May 2021

very impressed with the service. Thank you

Christine - 07 May 2021

Pizza was OK but the kofta meal was pretty inedible and it was difficult to know what was the beef and what was the lamb. The description says skewers, it wasn't.

Wendy - 05 May 2021


Danny - 28 Apr 2021

Fantastic pizza's

Lesley - 26 Apr 2021

Food was lovely but I didn't receive any salad with my donor kebab meal even though I had specifically ordered it. Had to use some of the salad from the other burger meal that we had ordered.

Martin - 21 Apr 2021

Amazing pizza every time. Thick topping and far better than bigger named places. Delivery can be a while if they are busy - but that is the same with everywhere and it is worth the wait! Their kebabs, burgers and other meals are just amazing and always arrive hot!

Samantha - 19 Apr 2021

very impressed , with the service and the food all so the timing of delivery it was spot on. Thank you Chris Kennedy.

Christine - 16 Apr 2021

Absolutely lovely

Owen - 10 Apr 2021

Welcome back.