7 reviews of Spice of Gurkha


Mahmoud - 12 Mar 2019


Kayleigh - 17 Feb 2019


Mahmoud - 31 Jan 2019

Quite expensive, not very tasty, very little meat in dishes and delivery driver couldn’t find my address so had to walk in the rain for 5 minutes to meet him

Gary - 23 Dec 2018

Yet another fantastic meal! I cannot fault the freshness and choice, my favourite takeaway!

Hayley - 17 Mar 2018

Wasn’t sure wether to order from here as I am picky with my madras but told by a family member to try so I did, and I have to say I really enjoyed it! It was all lovely one of the best madras I have had in kings lynn would deffo order again!

Hayley - 10 Mar 2018

Lovely curry that was spot on on terms of spicy heat. Would have like a little more chicken. Appreciate the freebies to make up for delay in delivery - with the snow/ice hardly their fault but it was a nice touch.

Darren - 03 Mar 2018

Welcome back.