368 reviews of Rajasthan Indian Restaurant

Very Good ++++++++++++++++++++

keith - 22 Nov 2020

Beautiful food, best Indian takeaway we have had yet. Thanks so much, keep up the good service :)

Vicky - 22 Nov 2020

Lovely food, great service!!! Feeding the town through lockdown xx

Tina - 21 Nov 2020

Very Good

Allison - 20 Nov 2020

The best Indian take away in town.

bec - 14 Nov 2020

Very Good

Allison - 13 Nov 2020


Susan - 08 Nov 2020

A plain regular rice was sent with dansak instead of pilau rice 🙄😣

Carlene - 07 Nov 2020


Rich - 07 Nov 2020

Fantastic curry

Robert - 07 Nov 2020

Very Good

Allison - 06 Nov 2020

Very Good

Allison - 06 Nov 2020

The best indian takeaway by far. Food is always delicious and delivered on time.

Michele - 01 Nov 2020

Been waiting nearly 2 hours for my order which is only for one person. Not the best of time keeping.

Megan - 31 Oct 2020

As usual the food was amazing from this restaurant! its been a long time since I've visited to eat in here but the take away food is just as good! My wife is very picky when it comes to ordering Indian take away's as it doesn't usually travel well, which i would agree with but in this instance its an acceptance to this statement! always delivered on time, hot and the flavours are amazing no matter what we order! Would recommend this restaurant to anyone to eat in or take out!

Ian - 30 Oct 2020


Vicki - 29 Oct 2020

The food was awesome! Just as I expected it to be ???? I shouldn't leave it so long before having an Indian takeaway again ????

Adam - 21 Oct 2020


jonathan - 18 Oct 2020

Nice food but would be good to see some pictures in the menu so many like me can try different foods as they say a picture can say a thousand words ++++++++++++++++

keith - 13 Oct 2020

Ordered at 7.09pm informed delivery was 45 - 60 mins until order was placed then told 8.40pm. It was delivered at 9pm! Food was luke warm, bread was cold and we were missing a rice! On a positive note the flavour of the food seemed very nice.

Tina - 11 Oct 2020


Kelly - 10 Oct 2020

Excellent food as always

Robert - 03 Oct 2020


Yvonne - 02 Oct 2020


Antony - 02 Oct 2020


Hayley - 02 Oct 2020

Welcome back.