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All our pizzas made with mozzarella cheese, the finest tomato pasteaned the original italian recipe


Topped with 100 mozzarella cheese & tomato sauce


Ham, pineapple, cheese & tomato sauce

Meatball Special  

Mushroom, onion,sweetcorn, meatball, fresh tomatoes & peppers 

Beefy Hot One  

Spicy beef, onions & jalapenos

Hot Spicy  

Spicy minced lamb, onion, peppers, jalapenos & pepperoni


Tomatoes, garlic sauce, onions, peppers, mushrooms, cheese & herb toppings.

Vegetarian Supreme  

Onions, peppers, sweetcom,mushrooms, sliced tomato & herb toppings

Might Meat  

Might Meat Tandoori Chicken, beef, onions, ham,mushrooms, double cheese & minced lamb.

Inferno (Red Hot)  

Inferno (Red Hot) Chilli sauce base, pepperoni, jalapenoes, spicy beef, salami, onions, peppers & mushrooms

Mixed Grill  

Tandoori chicken, beef, onions, ham, mushrooms & cheese

Seafood Special  

Tuna, prawns, anchovies, peppers, fresh tomatoes, onions & oregano

Pizza Time Special  

Tandoori chicken, minced lamb, pepperoni. garlic sauce, onions. mushrooms, sweetcorn & extra cheese.


Cheese plus bolognaise sauce, minced lamb & onions

Pepperoni Passion  

Extra Cheese & double pepperoni

Tandoori Hot  

Tandoori Chicken, onions, peppers & jalapenos

Meat Feast  

Doner, beef, chicken, ham, salami & double cheese

BBQ Lovers  

Any 3 toppings

Garlic Breads



All our burgers are served with salads & special sauce

Southern Fried Chicken

Chicken Nuggets & Wings

Side Orders


Kids Meals


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