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While we fight Coronavirus together, we are introducing some temporary measures to ensure your safety and the safety of our dedicated team. 

Contactless Delivery CARD payment 
If you pay by card, the delivery driver will call on arrival, leave the food on the your door step, knock at the door and leave.

Contactless delivery CASH payment  
The delivery driver will call on arrival
Please put the cash in an envelope, leave it on doorstep & close the door
The driver will check the cash and leave the food on the doorstep. Change will be posted through the letterbox
Please wash your hands thoroughly after handling CASH.

Thank you for your cooperation.  Together, we will beat Coronavirus.

Please note: Any special offers and discounts can't be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Pizza Deal

 Excluded any discount 

Meal Deal 4  

Any 2X12inch or 2X15inch pizza from set menu
(excluding chef special)
1 large chips
1 large spicy potatoes
Garlic bread with cheese and
1 bottle of coke

Special Offers

 Excluded any discount 

The Lynner Special  

Cheese Burger
Doner Meat
Onion Rings
Can of Drink
(All in one large tray)



Tandoori Dishes

All Served with Green Salad and Mint Sauce


Marinated in exotic spices. Barbecued with onion, tomatoes and capsicum.

House Special Dishes

All these dishes include prawn, lamb and chicken.

Chef Recommended


(Spring lamb & chicken cooked in exotic & medium spices)


This dish is prepared in a wok using traditional punjabi spices, fresh tomatoes and capsicum.

Seafood Dishes

Minced Dishes

Balti Dishes

Very rice and Spicy with fresh green chillies and coriander


Massala Dishes

Tikka Massala  

(Grilled chicken or lamb in special sauce with cream)

Korma Dishes

Mild in Strength

Curry Dishes

Medium in Strength

Bhuna Dishes

Fairy hot, thick sauce

Tikka Bhuna  

Madras Dishes

Fairly Hot in Strength

Vindaloo Dishes

Hot in Strength

Phall Dishes

Very Hot in Strength

Dupiaza Dishes

With fried onions

Tikka Dupiaza  

With Onions and spices,medium hot

Rogon Dishes

With tomatoes

Tikka Rogan  

With tomatoes and spices, medium hot

Ceylon Dishes

Fairy Hot with coconut

Malayan Dishes

Mild with pineapple

Methi Dishes

With herbs and spices

Persian dishes

Sweet sour and hot served with pilau rice


(with lentils)


Biriany Dishes

Birianies are stir fried with pilau rice and served with either mild, medium or hot vegetable curry.

Vegetable Dishes

Saag Aloo  

Mixed Vegetable Curry  

Cauliflower and Allo Bhaji  

Bombay Aloo  

Mushroom Bhaji  

Saag Bhaji  

Chana Dupiaza  

Bhindi Bhaji  

Dal Tarka  

With Lentils & Garlic

Cucumber Raita  

Onion Raita  

Curry Sauce  

Korma Sauce  

Massala Sauce  

Mutter Paneer  

Saag Paneer  

Rice Dishes



Pot of Sauces

Pot of Sauces  

Pizza Masters

All our pizzas made from fresh dough with mozzarella cheese and are available as thin pan or deep pan.


Cheese & tomato


Cheese, tomato, ham, pineapple

Seafood Special  

Cheese, tomato, tuna, prawns, onion, peppers


Cheese, tomato, mushrooms, sweetcorn, peppers, onion, olives

Hot and Spicy  

Cheese, tomato, ham, pepperoni, fresh chillies

Taz Special  

Cheese, tomato, chicken tikka, mushrooms, sweetcorn, onion

Meat Sizzler  

Donner, chicken tikka, onion, peppers, jalapenos

Meat Feast  

Cheese, tomato, ham, salami, pepperoni, spicy beef, donner meat, chicken

Ham Chicken Pineapple  

Cheese, tomato, ham, chicken, pineapple

Chicken Mushroom and Sweetcorn  

Cheese, tomato, mushroom, chicken, sweetcon

Chilli Master Special  

Cheese, tomato, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, doner meat, onion, green peppers, toamtoes, sweetcorn and chillies (optional)

Pick N Mix  

Cheese & tomato base with 4 toppings of your choice

New York New York  

Cheese, bbq, sausage, meatball, bacon, onions

BBQ Feast  

Cheese, bbq sauce, chicken, mushroom, onions

Farm House  

Ham, mushroom, onion

Pepperoni Passion  

Cheese, tomato, extra cheese and pepperoni

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread and Cheese  

Donner Kebabs

Donner in Pitta Bread  

Donner in Nan Bread  

Donner Meat and Chips  

Donner Meat Chips and Cheese  

Donner Meat and Spicy Potatoes  

Donner Meat Tray  

Combination Kebab

Peshwari Chicken Tikka Naan  

Peshwari Donner Naan  

Donner & Chicken Tikka Nan  

Donner & Chicken Kebab Nan  

Chicken Tikka & Lamb Tikka Nan  

House Special Kebabs

Chilli Nan Sandwich  

Nan Sandwich (Kofte)  

Chicken Tikka Nan  

Lamb Tikka Nan  

Chicken Tikka Pitta  

Lamb Tikka in Pitta Bread  

Tandoori Chicken Chips  

Mix Kebab Nan  

Chicken Kebab in Nan  

Chicken Kebab in Pitta  


Beef Burger  

Cheese Burger  

Bacon Cheese Burger  

Burger and Chips  

Cheese Burger and Chips  

Chicken Burger  

Chicken Burger and Chips  

Chicken Fillet Burger and Chips  

Chicken Pakora and Chips  

Tikka Bun Chicken  

Tikka Bun Lamb  

Tikka Bun Chicken and Chips  

Tikka Bun Lamb and Chips  

Donner in Bun  

Donner in Bun and Chips  


Vegetable Nan Sandwich  

Vegetable Burger  

Vegetable Burger and Chips  

Salad in Pitta Bread  

Salad in Nan Bread  

Onion Bhajee  

Onion Bhajee in Nan  

Southern Fried Chicken

Boneless chicken

Boneless Chicken Strips  

Spicy Chicken Wings

Spicy Chicken Wings  


Chips in Pitta Bread  

Chips in Nan Bread  

Chips with Curry Sauce  


Spiced Potatoes  

Spiced Potatoes with Cheese  

Onion Rings  

Chips and Cheese  

Curly Fries  

Curly Fries and Cheese  

Mozzarella Sticks  

Childrens Menu

All children’s meal are served with Capri-sun orange drink

Curry Meal Deals

All served with plain poppadom, pilau rice, nan and onion salad

Set Meal Deals


Alcoholic Drinks

 Excluded any discount 
We strictly operate the challenge 25 knock back policy
No ID No Sale
Alcohol only to be sold with a takeaway meal. Minimum food order £3.50 before your order any alcohol.
Restaurant has right to refuse alcohol sale without any reason.
After 3AM no alcohol order will be accepted.