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Our pizzas are made from freshly made dough & served with the finest ingredients, topped with our special blend of 100% mozzarella cheese

Margherita Pizza  

Cheese & tomato

Pepperoni Pizza  

Pepperoni, tomato & cheese

Ham & Mushroom Pizza  

Hawaiian Pizza  

Mozzarella, tomato, ham & pineapple

Milano Pizza  

Ham, pepper, onion & mushrooms

Calzone Pizza  

Any 4 toppings of your choice

Pepperoni Special Pizza  

Pepperoni, mushrooms & onions

Kentuky Pizza  

Chicken, mushrooms, sweetcorn, garlic, onions & chilli

Inferno Pizza  

Bolognese, peppers, onions & jalapenos

Vegetarian Pizza  

Mushrooms, peppers, onion, sweetcorn & pineapple

Hot Vegetarian Pizza  

Mushrooms, peppers, onion, sweetcorn, chillies & tomatoes

Meaty Pizza  

Salami, pepperoni & ham

Bolognese Pizza  


Donner Kebab Pizza  

Tasty kebab on a cheese & tomato base

Mexicana Pizza  

Spicy beef, onions & pineapple

Creamy White Pizza  

Ham, onion & mushrooms on a garlic base

Hot Shot Pizza  

Spicy ground beef, chillies & tomato

Texan Pizza  

Chicken, onion & peppers on a tasty BBQ base

Deluxe Pizza  

Pepperoni, ham, mushrooms & onions

Kiev Pizza  

Chicken, garlic, mushrooms & peppers

Seafood Pizza  

Prawn, tuna, onions & peppers

Tuna & Sweetcorn Pizza  

Tuna & sweetcorn

Hot & Spicy Pizza  

Pepperoni, salami, onions, jalapenos peppers

Chicken Tikka Pizza  

Chicken tikka, onions & peppers

Chicken BBQ Pizza  

Chicken & BBQ sauce

Meat Feast Pizza  

Pepperoni, ham, chicken & bolognese

Full House Pizza  

Pepperoni, ham, chicken, mushrooms, onions, pineapple & olives

Super Pizza  

Pepperoni, ham, peppers, onions, pineapple, sweetcorn & mushrooms

Classic Pizza  

Bolognese, pepperoni, ham, mushrooms & sweetcorn

Tasty Hot Pizza  

Bolognese, pepperoni, chilli, onions & peppers

Half & Half Pizza  

Double Decker Pizza  

Double, pepperoni with double

Sweet Chilli Chicken  


Indian Pizza

Indian Punjab Style Pizzas
Not included in meal deals

Punjabi Supreme Tikka Pizza  

Green chilli, onions, peppers & coriander

Masala Pizza  

Spicy Balti Pizza  

Vindaloo Pizza  

Very hot

Korma Pizza  

Jalfrezi Pizza  

Madras Pizza  

Punjabi Wraps

Served with chips OR salad, chilli OR garlic sauce

Garlic Bread

Plain Garlic Bread  

Garlic Bread & Cheese  

Garlic Bread & Tomato  

Garlic Bread, Cheese & Mushroom  

Garlic Bread, Cheese & Donner  

Garlic Bread, Cheese & Chilli  

Donner Kebabs

All kebabs served with chips or salad, chilli or garlic sauce


All served with salad or chips
Any item sold separate 50p extra
Cheese £1 extra

Naan Kebabs

Fresh naans made in shop in front of your eyes, served with salad or chips, chilli or garlic
Extra donner meat for £1


Served with chips (salad 50p extra)

Beef Burger  


Chicken Burger  

Chilli Burger  

Garlic Burger  

Hawaiian Burger  

Texan BBQ Burger  

Onions & peppers

Bolognese Burger  

Spicy Burger  

Pepperoni & tomato

Chicken Burger Deluxe  

Belly Buster Cheese Burger with Donner  

Vegetarian Burger  

Kids Meals

Served with chips & carton of pop



All parmesans come with chips, salad & bechamel sauce OR pizza sauce & choice of dip

Side Dishes

Sausage (4) & Chips  

Carton Of Curry  

Carton Of Gravy  

Sauce (Regular)  

Sauce (Large)  

Dip (Regular)  

Dip (Large)  

Meal Deals


Chocolate Cake  


Ben & Jerrys Vanila  

Ben & Jerrys Chocolate Fudge Brownie  

Chocolate ice cream with fudge brownies. The fabulously fudgy brownies in this flavor come from New York&rsquos greyston bakery

Ben & Jerrys Caramel Chew Chew  

Ben & Jerrys Any Two Flavours  

Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough  

Vanilla ice cream with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough



Diet Coca-Cola  

Fanta Orange  

Fanta Twist  


Cherry Coca-Cola  

Dr. Pepper  


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