The movie Box

The perfect sharing box for 2 of our best selling desserts! 

Chocolate Fondue Box

Speciality Boxes


All  our milkshakes are made with fresh milk and ice cream, topped with or without whipped cream 

Strawberry Milkshakes  

Banana Milkshakes  

Vanilla Milkshakes  

Aero Chocolate Milkshakes  

Aero Mint Milkshakes  

After Eight Milkshakes  

Cadbury Boost Milkshakes  

Cadbury Creme Egg Milkshakes  

Cadbury Fudge Milkshakes  

Daim Milkshakes  

Ferrero Rocher Milkshakes  

Contain Nut

Galaxy Milkshakes  

Galaxy Caramel Milkshakes  

Galaxy Minstrels Milkshakes  

Galaxy Cookie Crumble Milkshakes  

Hershey cookies n Creme Milkshakes  

Kinder Bueno Milkshakes  

(white or milk)

KitKat Milkshakes  

KitKat Peanut Butter Milkshakes  

Contain Nut

Lion Bar Milkshakes  

Contain Nut

M&M Milkshakes  

(crispy, peanut or chocolate)

Contain Nut

Maltesers Milkshakes  

Milkybar Milkshakes  

Milkyway Milkshakes  

Millions Milkshakes  

(apple, strawberry or bubblegum)

Oreo Milkshakes  

Reeses Peanut Butter Milkshakes  

Contain Nut

Rolo Milkshakes  

Smarties Milkshakes  

Terrys Chocolate Orange Milkshakes  

Toblerone Milkshakes  

Twix Milkshakes  

Skittles Milkshakes  

Cake Slices

Sweet Kebabs

All Drizzled with a Choice of Sauce: Nutella, white chocolate, caramel or toffee 


Marshmallow and Strawberries

Brownie Special  

Tutti Frutti  

Marshmallows, Strawberries, bananas and kiwi

Ice Creams

Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough  

Ben & Jerrys Phish Food  

Ben & Jerrys Chocolate Fudge Brownie  

Ben & Jerrys Caramel Chew Chew  

Magnum Classic  

Magnum White  


Warm Fresh Belgium Waffles, Served with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice - cream 


Warm  Fresh Cookie Dough, Served with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice - cream 

Dipped Strawberries

Available with White or Milk Chocolate

5 Strawberries  

10 Strawberries  

15 Strawberries  


Strawberry Bon Bons  

Foam Bananas  

Rainbow Laces  

Fruity Jelly Drops  

Dolly Mixture  

Strawberry & Cream  

Fried Eggs  

Fizzy Jelly Snakes  

Red Candy Belts  

Haribo Rhubard & Custard  

Jelly Bears  

Blue Raspberry Bonbons  

Flump Marshmellows  

Fizzy cola bottles  

Fizzy worms  

Milk bottles  

Gaint strawberry  

Flying saucers  






Coca Cola Glass Bottle  

Diet Coca Cola Glass Bottle  

Sprite Glass Bottle  

7 Up Glass Bottle  

J20 Orange & Passionfruit  

J20 Apple & Mango  

J20 Apple & Rasberry  


Lime Diet Coca Cola  

Fanta Orange  

Fanta Lemon  

Fanta Fruit Twist  

Fanta Berry  

Fanta Strawberry  

Fanta Apple  

Fanta Green Apple  

Fanta Wild Cherry  

Fanta Grape  

Fanta Fruit Punch  

Fanta Lychee  

Fanta Peach  

Fanta Grape Fruit  

Volvic Lemon & Grape Fruit  

Volvic Lemon & Lime  

Volvic Lemon & Orange  

Millions Bubble Gum  

Millions Strawberry  

Dr. Pepper Cherry  

Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla  

Dr. Pepper Dark Cherry  

Chocomel Chocolate Milk  

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