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Jolly Rancher Drink Mix  

Pancake Stack


Treat Boxes




Cheesecake Box

If you want the box gift wrapped, please write in the comments


All served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Add any extra chocolate bar (from the chocolates category) for an extra £1.00

Warm  Fresh Cookie Dough, Served with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice - cream 


Strawberry Milkshake  

Vanilla Milkshake  

Chocolate Milkshake  

Banana Milkshake  

Areo Mint Milkshake  

Areo Chocolate Milkshake  

After Eight Milkshake  

Cadburys Boost Milkshake  

Cadburys Fudge Milkshake  

Ferero Rocher Milkshake  

Crunchie Milkshake  

Diam Milkshake  

Galaxy Milkshake  

Galaxy Cookie Crumble Milkshake  

Galaxy Caramel Milkshake  

Herseys Cookie and Creme Milkshake  

Milk Kinder Bueno Milkshake  

White Kinder Bueno Milkshake  

Kitkat Milkshake  

Kitkat Peanut Butter Milkshake  

Lion Bar Milkshake  

Peanut M&Ms Milkshake  

Crispy M&Ms Milkshake  

Chocolate M&Ms Milkshake  

Salted Caramel M&Ms Milkshake  

Maltesers Milkshake  

Milky Bar Milkshake  

Milky Way Milkshake  

Apples Millions Milkshake  

Strawberry Millions Milkshake  

Bubblegum Millions Milkshake  

Cola Millions Milkshake  

Raspberry Millions Milkshake  

Oreo Milkshake  

Reeses Peanut Butter Milkshake  

Rolo Milkshake  

Terrys Chocolate Orange Milkshake  

Toblerone Milkshake  

Twix Milkshake  

Snickers Milkshake  

Mars Bar Milkshake  

Magic Stars Milkshake  

Bounty Milkshake  

Lotus Biscoff  

Fruit Pastels  

Parma Violets  

Candy Floss  

Jaffa Cake Milkshake  

Brownie Milkshake  

Mini Eggs Milkshake  

Creme Egg Milkshake  

Smarties Milkshake  

Flake Milkshake  



Sweet Kebabs

All Drizzled with a Choice of Sauce: Nutella, white chocolate, caramel or toffee 

Classic Sweet Kebab  

Strawberry and marshmallows

Brownie Special Sweet Kebab  

Strawberry, marshmallows and brownie bits

Tutti Frutti  

Strawberry, bananas, kiwi and marshmallows

Chocolate Covered

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries  


Strawberry Bon Bons  

Blueberry Bonbons  

Fizzy Rainbow Laces  

Giant Strawberries  

Strawberry & Cream  

Fizzy Jelly Snakes  

Red Candy Belts  

Gummy Bears  

Haribo Rhubard & Custard  

Flump Marshmellows  

Fizzy cola bottles  

Cheery lips  

Choc lick  

Choc nibbles  

Fizzy Pink and Blue Bottles  

Fizzy watermelon slies  

Parma Violets  

Wine Gums  

Haribo Freaky Fish  

Haribo Terrific Turtles  

Blue Dolphins  

Haribo Cherries  

Haribo Rainbow Twists  

Pink Mushrooms  

Flying Saucers  

Haribo Friendship Rings  

Haribo Fizzy Cherries  

Soap Flavoured Cherry Lips  

Percy Pigs  

Blue Raspberry Wheels  

Peach Rings  

Baby Dolphins  

Sour Apples  

Foam Bananas  

Icy Cups  

Apple And Custard Hearts  

Fizzy Red Pencils  







Ice Creams