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Naan Wrap Meal  

Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka or a mouthwatering mix of both meats with sauce, chips and a drink.


Bilatti Mirchia Aur Chingri  

Capsicum stuffed with prawns or chicken and cooked in mild medium spices, an excellent delicacy


Pastry filled with assorted vegetables and gently spiced, or minced lamb

Vujon Tandoori

Vujon Tandoori Specialities

Barbecued in the Tandoori (Clay Oven)

Chefs Dishes

Chef's Signature Dishes

Tikka Jubally  

Chicken or lamb tikka, fresh ginger, garlic, green chilli and coriander

Tikka Pubally  

Chicken or lamb, fresh mushrooms, meths, butter, coriander, peppers and fresh cream

Vujon Special  

Boneless chicken tikka or lamb tikka, cooked with egg, fresh herbs, garlic, ginger, green peppers, tomato and spices

Shathkora Bagmothpur  

Popular curry from Sylhet. Lamb tikka or chicken tikka cooked with onions, green & red peppers. The shathkora fruit is used to give the dish a unique tangy taste

Tikka Garlic  

Boneless chicken tikka or lamb tikka cooked with extra garlic sauce and onions

Tikka Jaipur  

Tender pieces of grilled chicken or lamb, cooked with fried mushrooms, onions and peppers in a rich sauce

Tikka Korai  

Fairly hot dish, cooked with garlic, green chillies, peppers and tomatoes

Tikka Katmandu  

Chicken cooked in cinnamon, spring onions and lentil sauce, with a hint of fresh ginger

Tikka Passanda  

A mild creamy sauce, cooked with ground almonds, nuts and sultanas

Tikka Resala  

Cooked with braised onions, mixed spices, herbs, fresh cream and coriander

Tikka Salon  

Marinated chicken, simmered with coconut and gently spiced, cooked with butter and cream

Fish Dishes


Purana Dishes

Purana Classic Dishes

Tikka Masala  

Boneless chicken tikka or lamb tikka, barbecued in tandoor, then cooked with fresh yogurt and a mixture of spices, creating a mild and creamy sauce. Served with almonds

Tikka Mint  

Medium hot curry, strongly spiced with mint & cooked in a special masala sauce with red wine

The Classic



Cooked with fried onions, green chillies, tomatoes and herbs, to a medium dry consistency. Fairly hot


A creamy texture of mild and sweeter spices, coconut and cream. Very mild


Kashmiri dishes with added sultana and pineapple. Very mild


Malayan dishes with added banana and pineapple. Very mild


Medium strength with greater use of onion and fresh tomatoes. A rich flavour


Hot spicy dish using lentils, with fresh lemon juice & pineapple to give a sharp distinctive flavour


A Southern Indian version of the dish, popular in Central and Eastern India, having a greater proportion of gram spices giving taste to its richness.

Fairly hot


Very hot


Mild with Banana  

Mild with banana


Hot, sweet and sour in a thick sauce

Rogan Josh Dishes  

Pimentos, tomatoes and onion fried with special spices to produce a flavour hotter than medium


Cooked in a special balti sauce

Biryani Dishes  

A preparation of meat or chicken cooked in meat or chicken stock with cream, spices, fried almonds and nuts. Served with vegetable curry sauce

Tikka Biryani  

Chicken or lamb tikka biryani

Variation Dishes


Tandoori Butter  

Marinated chicken or lamb in a rich, creamy, mildly spiced sauce

Hariyali Tikka  

Chicken tikka or lamb tikka cooked with a paste made from blended coriander, mint, and other distinctive flavours. Cooked in the tandoor

Handi Cooked  

Tandoori chicken off the bone or lamb tikka, cooked with minced meat. Medium hot

Delhi Korahi  

Chicken tikka or lamb tikka cooked with garlic, green chilli, green & red peppers and tomato. Fairly hot


Vegetable Side Dishes



Bread and Sundry

Bread and Sundry Dishes


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