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Spice Island staff & management request any person with any food allergy to kindly inform the restaurant directly on ordering your food. Pure vegetable oil is used in all cooking

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Makhan Tikka Starter  

Pieces of lamb or chicken gently spiced. Served with butter sauce


Pastry filled with assorted vegetables or minced lamb gently spiced & deep fried

Tikka Starter  

Cubed marinated chicken or lamb lightly grilled on charcoal

Tandoori Specialties

Barbecued in the tandoor (clay oven) the ultimate Asian experience

Tandoori Chicken  

Spring chicken marinated in herbs & spices & baked in the tandoor. Garnished with salad

Meat Dishes

Chicken Dishes

All chicken off the bone

King Prawn Dishes

Prawn Dishes

Chefs Recommendation


Marinated chicken or lamb simmered in red wine with gently spiced coconut cream, tandoori sauce & fresh coriander. Served with special fried rice


Marinated chicken or lamb tikka cooked in fresh mint with mixed spiced, herbs, onions & fresh coriander & cooked in your choice of liqueur. Served with special fried rice


Cooked with braised onions, mixed spices, herbs, fresh cream & coriander, gently simmered with red wine


Braised onions with mixed spices & herbs, fresh coriander, tomato & black cumin seeds. Served with special fried rice

Biryani Dishes

A preparation of meat or chicken cooked in stock with cream, spices, fried almonds & nuts. Served with pilau rice & vegetables 
(With mushrooms 30p extra)

Persian Dishes

Balti Dishes

Special Dishes

Tarana Dishes
Tarana dishes are cooked in tandoori sauce with ground coconut, ground almonds, fresh cream & red & white wine, flamed with your choice of liqueur. Served with rice or naan & a vegetable side dish

Bengal Surprise  

Per person
Tender lamb, cream sauce, sliced mushroom, coriander, with your choice of lemon or ginger juice

Latest Additions

Special Recommends

Special Vegetarian

Vegetarian Dish (For One Person)  

• Poppadom
• Onion bhaji or vegetable samosa
• Aloo gobi
• Mushroom bhaji
• Pilau rice

Vegetarian Dish (For Two People)  

• Poppadoms
• Onion bhaji or vegetable samosa
• Mixed vegetable curry
• Aloo gobi
• Bhindi bhaji
• Mushroom bhaji
• Pilau rice

Vegetable Mains

Side Dishes

English Dishes


Bread & Sundries





New Spice Island Additions


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