This restaurant is closed at this moment, it will open at 11:00 Monday. However, you can pre-order now for delivery at a later time

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Please note delivery’s may take upto 2 hours. Out of town orders (Middleton St George, Hurworth and other surrounding villages) please note there is around a 2 hours wait.
Your email may state a 90 minuite wait but be aware that it may be upto 2 hours

When ordering you accept these timescales. We work very hard to get orders out in good time, but we are a walk in shop and are very busy which puts delivery wait back.

Some products contain traces of nuts, wheat, gluten and milk. Please make us aware if you have any allergies


Please note: Any special offers and discounts can't be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Drinks From Around The World


Reeses Peanut Butter Shake  

Galaxy Shake  

Galaxy Caramel Shake  

Daim Shake  

Pop Tarts Shake  

Nerds Shake  

White Kinder Bueno Shake  

Milk Kinder Bueno Milkshake  

Ferrero Rocher Shake  

Skittles Shake  

Chocolate Brownie Shake  

Hersheys Cookies Cream Shake  

Hersheys Milk Chocolate Shake  

Mars Bar Shake  

Crunchie Shake  

Milky Bar Shake  

Snickers Shake  

White Lion Bar Shake  

Freddo Shake  

Freddo Caramel Shake  

Bounty Shake  

Mint Aero Shake  

Riesen Shake  

Malteasers Shake  

Toffee Crisp Shake  

Twix Shake  

Oreo Shake  

Revels Shake  

Smarties Shake  

Bon Bons Shake  

Choose from:
Blue raspberry bon bons
Strawberry bon bons
Watermelon bon bons
Lemon bon bons
Toffee bon bons
Apple bon bons
Rhubarb & custard bon bons

Millions Shake  

Choose from:
Strawberry millions
Bubblegum millions
Apple millions
Cola millions
Blackcurrant millions
Orange millions

Nibbles Shake  

Choose from:
Chocolate nibbles
Orange chocolate nibbles
Mint chocolate nibbles
Toffee nibbles

Chocolate Peanuts Shake  

Chocolate Raisins Shake  

White Chocolate Fish Chips Shake  

Sherbet Pips Shake  

Pear Drops Shake  

Rhubarb Custard Shake  

Nut Brittle Shake  

Cinder Toffee Shake  

Sweet Peanuts Shake  

Parma Violets Shake  

Love Hearts Shake  

Nutella Shake  

Foam Banana Shake  

Shrimps Shake  

Galaxy Ripple Shake  

Milky Way Shake  

Pink White Mice Shake  

Dairy Milk Milkshake  

Twirl Milkshake  


Turkish Delight Milkshake  

Whisper Milkshake  

Double Decker Milkshake  

Toffee Popcorn  


Wham Bar Milkshake  

Frys Peppermint Cream  

Strawberry Refresher  


White KitKat  

Tooti Frootis  

Milkybar Buttons  

New Special Shakes

The Twanger  

American cream soda sherbet, lemon millions & love hearts

A Million Angels  

Angel cake, raspberry millions & milky bar

Banana Nut  

Fresh banana, choc peanut & peanut butter

For Goodness Cake  

Choc fudge cake, choc brownies & choc caramel shortcake

Drift to Sleep  

Drifter, maltesers & horlicks

Out of This World  

Mars bar, milky way & galaxy

After Dark  

After eights, mint choc mousse & oreo biscuits

Almond Toffee  

Ameretti biscuit, cinder toffee & cadbury flake

The Chocca Mocha  

Milky bar dessert, rich coffee essence & chocolate syrup

Chunky Monkey  

Fresh banana, peanut butter & rich chocolate brownie

The Mint Monster  

Mint choc chip ice cream, choc chip cookies & fudge brownies

The Ginger Ninja  

Pineapple cubes, fruit salad & lemon sherbets

The Golden Nugget  

Daim bar, Crunchie & Wispa gold

Mad Tatter  

Mint Aero, Kinder Bueno & peanut butter

Cake Shakes

Angel Sparkle Cake Shake  

Red Velvet Cake Shake  

Daim Toffee Crunch Pie Shake  

Oreo Cream Pie Shake  


Maryland Cookie  

Chocolate Brownie  

Custard Creams  

Chocolate Digestives  

Mini Roll  

Jammie Dodgers  

Smooth Shakes

Banana Smooth Shakes  

Raspberry Smooth Shakes  

Strawberry Smooth Shakes  

Bubblegum Smooth Shakes  

Chocolate Smooth Shakes  

Vanilla Smooth Shakes  

Pizza Boxes

Contents Vary

Tango Ice Blasts

Ice Blasts Cherry  

Ice Lollys

Please note: Warm weather may effect the condition your ice lolly arrives in. We try out best to keep them as frozen as possibly but in some cases may arrive a little melted. Please order at your own risk or feel free to order for collection


Original Frappe  

Caramel Frappe  

Vanilla Frappe  

Mint Chocolate Frappe  

Chocolate Frappe  

Pick n Mix

Savoury Snacks

Space Raiders  

Retro Sweet Shop