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Very Good

Dan - 11 Jan 2021

Absolute joke. Asked for chicken fried rice no egg no veg due to allergies and it came with egg and veg. Then took it back to only have fried rice then when we told them it was wrong the woman behind the counter had the nerve to kick off with me saying we didn’t make it clear. Why would I order chicken fried rice if I didn’t want the chicken when fried rice is an option. What a joke. Had to get the manager out. How rude. will never return. I would hire new counter staff if I was the manager.

Ryan - 30 Dec 2020

Food over an hour late with no updates. When arrived, missing items and cold. Could not get in touch with restaurants and yofoodie said they could do nothing about it. Avoid

Jonathan - 13 Nov 2020

Spot on as always.

Suzanne - 25 Oct 2020


Olivia - 28 Sep 2020


Beatrice - 19 Sep 2020

Absolutely appalling. Missing items from our order and told us we couldn't get a refund. Ordered delivery and had to go into the store to sort out our own food when we paid for delivery and didn't get any form of refund for our missing items or delivery and travel expenses. Service was diabolical, they were rude and accused us of not knowing our own order even when showing proof of receipt and continued to convince us that was not our order. Eventually got our missing items 5 mins before closing

abbi - 02 Sep 2020

We always order from here and tonight our salt and pepper chicken and chips have came completely different to the usual. Not only were they cold and late the chips tasted like regular chips and both the chicken and chips had no peppers in. Used to be the best in the town but apparently there is a new chef who, in my opinion, is not as good as the old one. Will not be ordering again

Kirsty - 28 Feb 2020

Absolutely gorgeous

Billy - 04 Feb 2020

Always outstanding.

Joanne - 13 Dec 2019


Chris - 06 Dec 2019


Katie - 12 Nov 2019


Nathan - 19 Oct 2019

Very Good

Jenn - 20 Sep 2019

Very Good

Dominic - 04 Sep 2019

Food was delivered within an hour and it was lovely .this is my first time ordering and will definitely be returning

Beverley - 11 Aug 2019


Nicola - 12 Jul 2019


Chris - 10 Jul 2019


Chris - 06 Jul 2019


Chris - 05 Jun 2019

Excellent as usual!

Simon - 19 May 2019

Excellent as usual!

Simon - 19 May 2019


Chris - 13 May 2019


Simon - 30 Apr 2019

we had food poisoning and felt ill for 2 days after ordering pork and beef dishes, also there was lot less meat than usuall 2 - 3 little slices per meal

Michela - 10 Apr 2019

Welcome back.