431 reviews of China Express


Adam - 08 Jul 2020

Excellent again thanks

Andy - 05 Jul 2020


Andy - 24 Jun 2020

No caramel chuw ice-cream

Sam - 22 Jun 2020


IAN - 20 Jun 2020

Great service and well delivered, thanks

Andy - 20 Jun 2020


Gordon - 15 Jun 2020

Took two and a half hours to arrive and food was rotten went in the bin never again

Daniel - 15 Jun 2020


mark - 02 Jun 2020

Arrived early tastes amazing made my birthday sooo much better

Jessica - 26 May 2020

Top quality service, always great, thanks Andy

Andy - 24 May 2020

Me and my boyfriend are very fussy when it comes to Chinese, but we’ve finally found our regular! For the past 5 weeks in a row we’ve ordered from here and every single time we’re blown away from how amazing the food is. We have also collected once and the staff were absolutely lovely, and always are if you ring up. Will never order from another Chinese again!

Tasha - 23 May 2020

Great food thank you staff very welcoming and friendly when collecting

Amy - 22 May 2020

Well you took my Chinese takeaway virginity lol I can be a fussy eater and was always worried incase I didn’t like it but food was great and I’ll definitely be ordering again soon just don’t know what to try next! Thanks guys

Amy - 18 May 2020

There was a good amount of food that would be good value for money if the quality of the food was better. However, the rice couldn’t be separated as it was so hard and chips were soggy. Disappointing food unfortunately. It wasn’t terrible but a lot will go to waste. Service on the phone was brill though.

Charlotte - 16 May 2020

Was late but with the current situation it is completely understandable. Was a little worried about ordering with some of the reviews recently but honestly was the best chinese I have had in a long time so worth the wait! And after my last few from here havent been amazing this one definitely topped them all! Thanks China Express hope you keep this chef all the time!

Jessica - 15 May 2020

A weekly/fortnightly order for us as a family and we have yet to be disappointed. Thank you ☺

Charmaine - 13 May 2020


Ella - 07 May 2020

Ordered some chips, salt and pepper chips and sweet and sour chicken, didn’t even get the portion of normal chips

Jake - 06 May 2020

Very Good

Tracy - 21 Mar 2020


Tracy - 21 Mar 2020


Tracy - 07 Mar 2020


Tracy - 29 Feb 2020


Tracy - 29 Feb 2020


Myles - 23 Feb 2020

Welcome back.