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John - 15 Mar 2019

I ordered a special mixed grill, Quality 4 stars service is 1 star, they had no Lamb Skua and didn’t call to inform me, I paid for lamb Skua and they took it upon them self to add a bit of chicken shawarma the value of chicken shawarma is Significantly less then the price of lamb Skua so why would I want this as a replacement with out calling me, surly this is my Decision to make if I want extra of anything or to cancel the order, next time call and explain you don’t have all the items,

Anthony - 02 Mar 2019

Stone cold 3hours delivery not good at all

Gary - 24 Feb 2019


Carl - 01 Feb 2019

Some meat was chewy in the mixed grill and the rice arrived cold. Everything else was fantastic as always.

Robert - 19 Nov 2018

Disappointed actually, food came 2hours after ordering. Food still beautiful as always but did not expect to wait an hour after expected delivery

Kayleigh - 22 Jun 2018

I have always been a big fan of best shawarma however last few orders have been disappointing. The standard of the food is excellent and that remains unchanged, but tonight we spent £27 on a family box, the shawarma was missing, we got on tiny box of salad to go with the meat and one garlic sauce for the whole meal! At this price the box should be coming with more salad and sauces and very disappointed the shawarma meat was missing, also the food was 30 mins late. Tried to call but can’t get

Claire - 03 Jun 2018

Asked for no jalapeños on both wraps but received jalapeños on both. Normally really well and this is the first time they have done a wrong order.

Kathleen - 28 May 2018

Second time we have ordered and it is the best I have ever had. Just this time 1 wrap was without tin foil which meant it was cold and needed warming up.

Kathleen - 16 May 2018


Kayleigh - 11 May 2018

Amazing as always

Kayleigh - 11 May 2018

amazing food and service as always

Kayleigh - 29 Apr 2018

Forgot my chips but rang them and delivered straight away. Food beautiful as always

Kayleigh - 29 Apr 2018


Ala - 27 Apr 2018


Nikkita - 26 Apr 2018

Me and my family ordered 4 kebabs and some extras however when it came some of the order was missing the food itself was delicious but there was a hair in one of the kebabs

Michael - 15 Apr 2018

I ordered Shawarma Kebab 2 skewers of delicious chicken or lamb cubes grilled on charcoal with a large portion of chicken or lamb shawarma. I didn’t get any chicken cubes just a plate of shawarma. Apart from that the food was good.

Anthony - 29 Mar 2018

Again, the food is amazing here!!

Jason - 13 Mar 2018

The good from here is amazing!! Highly, HIGHLY recommended

Jason - 20 Feb 2018

Welcome back.