4 reviews of Adams Pizza

I am not happy with tonight’s order at all, was cold when I received it and I hardly got any kebab meat in my donna kebab order. Very disappointed

Fiona - 12 Apr 2019

Can’t fault the food here at all, so delicious and it’s still hot when it gets delivered. Love the service aswell and the delivery drivers are friendly enough

Fiona - 10 Apr 2019

As per the food was delicious, really enjoyed my order and can’t fault them with delivery, there always either on time or come earlier. Love the discount you get aswell and think it’s very fair that you get it every time you order from there website

Fiona - 06 Apr 2019

The food was delicious, I really enjoyed it and it was very hot when I got my delivery. Will be ordering again

Fiona - 04 Apr 2019

Welcome back.