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Food Allergy Notice: Management advises that food prepared here may contain the following: Milk, eggs, wheat, soybeans, nuts, fish & crustacean shellfish. Please speak to the restaurant directly before ordering

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Served with mint yoghurt


Tandoori Specialties

Cooked on a charcoal fire in a clay oven, the meat having been previously marinated in our own special recipe, roasted on skewers. Tandoori dishes are among the outstanding delicacies of the Asia subcontinent. Served with green salad & hot, sweet & sour yoghurt sauce

Balti Dishes

Cooked in a two handled dish called a balti. A balti meal is a type of curry dish cooked over a high flame in a thick spicy sauce & sprinkled with fresh coriander (served in large containers)

Green Masala Dishes

Cooked with garlic, ginger, green chilli, green peppers & lots of coriander (fairly hot)

Morich Masala Dishes

Cooked with garlic, ginger, green chilli, tomatoes & coriander (hot)

House Specials

Tikka Masala  

Curry Dishes

Traditional Curry Dishes

Spiced in gravy (medium)

Madras Dishes

Fairly hot

Vindaloo Dishes

Very hot

Phall Dishes

Bangalore Phall Dishes

Extremely hot


Rogan Josh Dishes

Medium cooked with garnish & tomato topping

Bhuna Dishes

Cooked with onions, tomatoes & fresh coriander in a spicy thick sauce (medium)

Dopiaza Dishes

A tasty dish seasoned with selected spices & lots of roasted onion (fairly hot)

Jalfrezi Dishes

Cooked in a thick sauce with onion, fresh green chillies & coriander (fairly hot)

Dansak Dishes

Sweet & sour, very exotic dish seasoned with herbs & spices cooked with lentils & lemon juice (fairly hot)


Pathia Dishes

Sweet & sour, cooked with herbs & spices, touch of sugar & lemon juices (slightly hot)

Naga Dishes

Cooked in a thick sauce with onion, fresh green chillies, coriander & naga pickle sauce (very hot)

Pasanda Dishes

Cooked with almonds, coconut & sugar, with a touch of butter (mild)


Korai Dishes

Cooked with fried onions, capsicum & tomatoes (dry, medium to hot)


Korma Dishes

Cooked with mild spices, coconut, sugar & fresh cream, ideal for beginners (very mild)

Malayan Dishes

A delicate dish, cooked with mild spices, coconut, sugar, fresh cream & pineapple (mild)


Ceylon Dishes

Cooked with coconut & thick spicy gravy (fairly hot)


Spicy Masala Dishes

Cooked with onions & tomatoes, strongly spiced (medium to slightly hot)

Spicy Masala  

Methi Dishes

Cooked with onions, tomatoes & herbs (medium)


Sag Dishes

Cooked with spinach

Biryani Dishes

Mild dishes specially recommended for beginners

Side Dishes

English Dishes

Served with chips


Rice Dishes




Freshly baked in clay oven

Brown Bread

Special Set Meals



Diet Coca-Cola  

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