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All of our MAIN DISHES are prepared by our Chinese Head Chef, Jason FU daily, using the finest ingredients. For extra information about any of our menu items, please ask a member of our team. Add extra Meat, Seafood or Vegetables at a small extra cost

ALLERGY ADVICE: Please be advised that our items may contain allergens or have come into contact with items containing allergens. Please inform us of any allergies when placing an order as we can assume no liability for any adverse reactions that may occur.

Please note: Any special offers and discounts can't be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Gourmet Burgers

Our double 8oz secret blend 100% beef patties, stuffed with cheese in a Brioche bun. Served with House Fries. All our gourmet burgers are handmade fresh on site daily
using only the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients.


Slow Baked Pork Ribs

Marinated Pork Ribs finished in the Wok with a choice of flavours


Jason Fu Specials

Shredded Chilli & Garlic Sauce  

Strips of Prime Beef or Chicken Breast, lightly battered & cooked in a delicious Chilli & Garlic sauce

Your Main Dishes

All of our Main Dishes are prepared by our Chinese Head Chef, Jasun Fu daily using the finest ingredients. For extra information about any of our menu items, please ask a member of our team.

Salt & Pepper  

Lighlty dusted in our fragrant salt & pepper blend. All meat in a light batter.


A sweet & medium spicy peanut dish.

Kung Po  

A bit like sweet & sour but medium spicy.

Traditional Chinese Curry  

Good old Chinese curry, a big favorite.

Thai Red  

Smooth, creamy & hot.

Thai Green  

Smooth, creamy & a little less spicy.

Thai Sweet Chilli  

Sweet, rich with a hint of spice.

Sweet & Sour Hong Kong Style  

A classic Chinese dish. Sweet, sticky & delicious. All meat in a light batter.

Fried Rice  

Fried rice mixed with whatever you fancy.

Chow Mein  

Chinese egg noodles in rich chow mein sauce.

Japanese Udon  

Thick Japanese noodles. Very popular

Rice Noodle  

Thin Chinese noodle (vermicelli).

Honey Chilli  

Really sweet, a little spicy. All meat in a light batter.

Black Bean  

Black beans, cooking wine & green onions. A thick, rich sauce. 

Foo Yung  

Egg with your choice of filling and mixed vegetables.


A light onion, green pepper & tomato dish. 


Very rich & spicy with plenty of vegetables. In the top 5 most popular.

Hot & Sour  

A blend of spices with ginger & bamboo shoots & chilli.

Ginger & Spring Onion  

Fresh ginger, wok-fried with spring onion & oyster sauce. 

Roasted Cashew  

Full of nutty flavor in a yellow bean sauce.

English Mushroom  

English button mushrooms in a rich soy sauce.

Oyster (Chinese Mushroom)  

A choice of meat, seafood or veg with a rich soy sauce base.

Singapore Curry  

A coconut-based dish with butter, garlic, chilli & curry powder. Very powerful taste.


A light, garlic dish with onion, mixed vegetables & soy sauce

Black Pepper  

Lightly sauced, very fragrant

Garlic Butter  

A garlic & butter reduction, very tasty, very popular.

English Dishes

All English dishes are served with chips.


Pick Your Own Meal

Set Meal

Munchy Box Deal

Italian Baked Pizza


All our pizzas are cooked in an dome oven pizza and served with choice of House Fries or Salad. Other pizza variations are available

Classic Margherita Pizza  

With fresh basil and drizzle of Olive Oil

Mexicano Pizza  

With bolognaise, mushrooms and fresh green chillies

Meat Feast Pizza  

With chicken, bolognaise, salami, ham and pepperoni

Pepperoni Pizza  

Pepperoni Hot Pizza  

With fresh green chilli

BBQ Chicken Pizza  

Satay Chicken Pizza  

Hawaiian Pizza  

With Proscuito Ham & fresh pineapple

Cantonese Chicken Pizza  

Chair Sui Pork & Broccoli Pizza  



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