5 reviews of City Kebab


Remus Andrei - 01 Mar 2021

All food tasted great, but my large chips with cheese had no cheese on and appeared to only be a small portion

Damian - 29 Jan 2021

Ordered food from here early hours in the morning as it was only place open. Came quicker then it said & good quality food

Jack - 16 Jan 2021

very disappointed with the rude staff on the phone and the unpleasantries when asking a question of whether they are open or not. the food was okay however, I ordered a kebab with salad and received no salad and only received small spicy potatoes even though I ordered and paid for a large. furthermore, the spicy potatoes were over done and bland.

Alisha - 25 Dec 2020

Very nice and very quick. Thanks!

Alan - 20 Nov 2020

Welcome back.