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Crispy Aromatic Duck  

Spare Ribs  

Chicken Wings  

Yuk Sung  

Finely chopped meat, fried with crunch vegetables with 4 lettuces


Rice Dishes

Chow Mein Dishes

Soft noodle

Curry Dishes

Including boiled rice OR chips OR egg fried rice 30p extra

Sweet & Sour Batter

Crispy batter balls. Served with a tub of sweet & sour sauce

Sweet & Sour Dishes

Hong Kong style. Lightly battered meat cooked with onions, green peppers, pineapple & carrots in sweet & sour sauce

Thai Sweet and Sour

Lightly battered stir fried with mixed fruit in chilli sweet & sour sauce

Chicken Dishes

Beef Dishes

Roast Pork Dishes

King Prawn Dishes

Roast Duck Dishes



Thai Noodles

Seasonal vegetables with Thai sauce


Thai Rice Dishes

Seasoned vegetables with Thai sauce


Thai Curries

With curry paste & coconut milk not including rice or chips

Special Thai Curry  

King prawn, beef, roast pork & chicken

Mixed Meat Thai Curry  

Pork, beef & chicken

Chicken Thai Curry  

Beef Thai Curry  

Duck Thai Curry  

King Prawn Thai Curry  

Mixed Vegetable Thai Curry  

Zeeshan Specials

Pork, chicken, beef & king prawn

Chop Suey Dishes

Bean sprouts, onions, carrots, healthy, very good for slimming

Egg Foo Yung Dishes

Scrambled egg with bean sprouts, onions & mushrooms

Add meat for £1 extra, add vegetables for 50p extra

Vegetarian Dishes


With chips

English Dishes

Chefs Special Dishes



Set Meals



Can of Soft Drink  


Bottle of Drinks  

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